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Duration of Primary Teaching Careers in New Zealand

For example, total numbers of teachers (primary or secondary) registered each year, duration of employment as a teacher/principal teacher, how many are actively employed currently within each NZ region, how many teachers have allowed their Certificate of Registration to lapse. If also possible/recorded, how many have emigrated, have retired, or have resigned or resigned under a constructed dismissal. Comma separated List format.

The mystery regarding our nation's supposed teacher shortage.
The planning (ie. effective planning) for teaching student intakes each year.
The placement of qualified teachers in areas in which teachers seem to avoid.

Allowing researchers to access relevant data.

Response from
Ministry of Education

Different agency responsible

The Ministry of Education has information on the number of staff paid as teachers/principals in State and State integrated schools.  THis information is available up to April 2012.

The Ministry does not hold data on Teacher Registrations.  This process is undertaken by the NZ Teachers Council.

The New Zealand Teachers Council also responded to this data request:

The Teachers Council is the regulatory profession body for teachers and holds information on the registration status of teachers. This information is publicly available on our website. The Teachers Council does not pay or directly employ teachers and does not hold workforce planning related data and therefore is not able to correlate registration information against teacher payroll and working pattern information. The Teachers Council is not informed of and therefore do not routinely record emigrations, or retirements and the Council  is only informed of resignations when they meet the mandatory reporting requirements .

Furthermore teacher registration is an ever changing picture, as individuals registration or practising certificates expire or are renewed throughout the day as part of day to day business .

As previously indicated the Ministry of Education hold payroll related data and may hold workforce related data.

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