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New Zealand national and local holidays calendars

Please make available iCalendar (.ics) files of New Zealand national and local holidays. Note this was previously available but the link no longer works. e.g.

Being able to automatically schedule computer jobs for one of my clients, without them having to maintain their own calendar file.

Response from
Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment


Dear Mr Robinson,

This information is still publicly available.

The page where you can access the icalendar is:

This section of our website was updated a short time ago to take in the Mondayisation of ANZAC and Waitangi days. At this time all the calendars we used to have on site  were merged to make maintenance of them easier. All details are now in the new calendar at the link below.

 The new link is

 The link supplied by  yourself has been removed


MBIE Ministerial Services


  • Employment New Zealand (Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment)

    The iCalendar is no long available because we cannot guarantee that it contains the most up-to-date information.

    The only link with up-to-date information about public holiday dates is:

    The Employment New Zealand team

  • RC

    +1. It is super handy to have a calendar feed. Can you please rectify and advise of the new location?

  • J-B

    Kia Ora,

    I was looking for the NZ holidays calendar feed (I had those in the past and it was useful). The site from Government Public Holiday website

    Link to that page :

    Which does not work.

    Likewise, the links on this very page do not work anymore (even the links in the comments from 17 February 2021 at 15:09 03:09 pm).

    If you could fix it and bring back the Calendar feed; that would be terrific.

    Thanks and keep up the nice work.

  • Employment New Zealand (Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment)

    New Zealand public holiday and anniversary dates are published on Employment New Zealand's website:

    The Employment New Zealand team

  • Joe Bloggs

    Current link:

  • Lis Cap

    Hello! These links aren’t working. Are you able to update them please? Thank you!

  • amanda (Requester)

    None of the links work, can you please post the correct updatedlink for ical?

  • Marc (Requester)

    None of the above links work.

    What is the correct link to use when wanting to find and load a calendar that contains NZ holidays ?