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Secondary school statistics

NCEA and Scholarship results data for all secondary schools in a spreadsheet/csv format.

Opening the data would allow third parties to build better tools to present the data to public. As a result, the data could be more exposed and easily accessible to the general public and various stakeholders.

There is also the potential of mashing up the data with other data sets to produce compelling data visualisations.

Currently the report generator found at is difficult to use and slow.

There is no single report which provides a summary on a selected school. As a result, the export to excel function is almost useless. Snippets of information are located on various 'views' which require several clicks and often going back to the start to generate the first report.

The archived tool found at provides a better summary of result data than the current reporting tool. However this tool can only be used for data prior to 2008.

A 37 page manual is provided to help users use the reporting tool but the average person or parent are unlikely to read the manual or take the time to use figure out how to acquire the data they need.

Response from
New Zealand Qualifications Authority

Data not available for release

This information is available directly from the NZQA website by running the Scholarship Report on the following website page and then choosing the excel download format via the link at the top of the resultant report. Unfortunately this woudl require the report to be run once for each school.

At present there is no plan to extend this capability although your comments have been noted and will be considered in the event of future development work ing undertaken on this site.

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