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2013 Census Meshblock Dataset

The dataset will probably be produced shortly from the Census team at Statistics NZ. This would be the equivalent dataset to the 2006 Census Meshblock Dataset, and it's primary initial audience is local government (I think). For those who have not heard of it, the 2006 version was confidentialised totals at the meshblock level for a range of census questions. Meshblocks are small geographic areas, which build up into areas and regions or territorial authorities (amongst other things) With the new government OpenData standards it would be good to see this dataset published on as soon as it released to local councils and regional authorities. The CSV format of the 2006 version would be fine. The geographic area boundaries need to be identified also - these may have been released already - not sure.

Obtaining recent geographic based information about NZers based on the 2013 Census. It records information about many aspects of NZ life

The 2013 Census was a complete census of all NZers

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Statistics New Zealand

Preparing data for release

Preparing data for release

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