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Historical data on Estate & Gift Duties Act

Historical statistics of tax revenue from the Estate and Gift Duties Act as far back as available. Currently I am unable to find anything further back than 2001.

I am doing a post-graduate research paper on the history of Gift Duties in New Zealand and the evolution of their role in the tax system.

Response from
Inland Revenue Department

Request received


My apologies for taking a long time to respond to your email.

I have referred this to several people within IR for their feedback and the answer that everyone came up with is that this information is in our Annual reports. All IR annual reports dating back to 2002 can be found on our website here:

The information you are requesting can be found in the 2010 Annual report on Page 110 in a table called the "Schedule of revenue - crown as administered by Inland revenue". This same table can be found in all of the annual reports, although the title may vary slightly year to year,  for instance in the 2005 Annual report to get the figure for estate & gift duties you have to go to a table titled "Schedule of cash flows from operating activities - Crown as administered by inland Revenue", in 2001 Annual report the equivalent table is "Crown revenue operating satement" and in 1995 and earlier years it is "Revenue collected".

All annual reports for years other than 2002-2010 can be accessed by the public in libraries or Archives NZ.

I hope that this information is helpful to you.


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