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School disaster exercise data

In 2012, the Department of Internal Affairs' Research and Evaluation Services team surveyed schools to assess how many teachers and schools were using “What’s the Plan Stan?”, their satisfaction with the resource, and their engagement with CDEM Groups. This survey also included questions on school disaster exercises and their use and awareness of Traumatic Incident Teams, as mentioned in the published report, online at: The results from the survey Questions 8 and 9 on school exercises and simulations were not in the report. There is a sub-heading for "Exercises and Simulations" on page 16 of the report, but the text following goes into the data from Questions 10 & 11 on the level and usefulness of What's the Plan Stan. It seems this section may have been accidentally left out. We would like access to the data from survey Questions 8 & 9. These surveys went to every primary school in New Zealand.

At the Joint Centre for Disaster Research, we are writing up research results from ShakeOut, the national "Drop Cover and Hold" drill that took place in September 2012. We had worked collaboratively with DIA on this survey as the data was intended to be our pre-ShakeOut baseline data on school-based disaster exercises nationally. Unfortunately DIA staff who led the survey are no longer at DIA. This data will help us determine if ShakeOut increased the number of schools nationally who have done a "Drop Cover and Hold" drill. We'd appreciate any help you can provide tracking that data down.

Response from
Department of Internal Affairs

Request received

I am sorry, the data from the survey seems to be incomplete and DIA does not have the information requested.

Vince Cholewa

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