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New Zealand Active Faults Database

GNS Science maintains the New Zealand Active Faults Database. This database has been designed to hold all data collected from investigations of active faults.

Currently the active faults database is 'locked' behind a web map and form. It is not possible for businesses or community organisations to extract the data and overlay it with their own geospatial data - such as a map of their business assets.

By releasing the underlying geospatial data contained in the Active Faults database, this would enable community groups and businesses (and likely others) to mash up their data with the active faults database and better understand some of their generalised earthquake risk.

Response from
Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Limited

More information required about request

need to discuss IP issues regarding the Active Fault database

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  • Zhangfeng Ma

    Recently my reseach work focuses on the Kaikoura Earthquake, thus, I need the fault database in details. Thanks a lot.