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New Zealand Marriage Celebrants

This data on NZ marriage celebrants:$file/ProfTrade_MgeCele30Mar12.pdf is available from the web here:®ion=Auckland but not in CSV or otherwise parsable format. The request is for an up to date list published in CSV format.

Being able to analyse and report on the data.
Helping people find celebrants in their area

Response from
Department of internal affairs

Data not suitable for release

Marriage celebrant data is not suitable for release in CSV or an otherwise parsable format because the list of marriage celebrants changes in real-time and is never static. Names are constantly added and removed from the list of marriage celebrants. Any person wishing to view the list of approved marriage celebrants is recommended to go to How to Locate a Marriage Celebrant at or alternatively the New Zealand Gazette On-Line

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  • Robert Coup

    Hi DIA,

    That's the exact reason it *should* be released - a fixed URL which extracts it in real-time from the current database and returns CSV means people can update it regularly and always have access to the latest data.

    eg. and

    The other option for folks is to extract it from whenever the full list was last published in the Gazette (last March). The website isn't suitable for retrieving all the data - only finding one or two.

    If I can help clarify or in any other way assist, please get back to me.

    Rob :)