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Registered Marriage Celebrants - North Shore

Is it possible for data - total numbers only - on all registered Marriage Celebrants in the North Shore ( Auckland ) area? If male and female could be separated that would be great but is not imperative. Thank you.

Being able to view the data would help to support my application in becoming a Marriage Celebrant. It would make the task of collating this information a whole lot easier for me.
Thanks very much.

Response from
Department of Internal Affairs

Dataset submitted

There are 27 independent marriage celebrants in the North Shore electorate (8 male, 19 female). The names and addresses of all independent marriage celebrants are published in the New Zealand Gazette and on the DIA website under Marriages and Locating an Independent Marriage Celebrant. Link 

If you scroll down the Locating an Independent Marriage Celebrant webpage there is a map that you can drill down into the Auckland area. Electorates are listed, one being North Shore.

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