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Walking Access Data Vector Download

Vector polygon download of the various layers available at That site is a great tool, and recent upgrades include a mobile app, but many of the publicly accessible areas are outside of 3G cell coverage, defeating the purpose of the real-time mapping app. The vector polygon datasets of publicly accessible areas could be offered as a download, hosted at, or somewhere similar.

requiring a live internet connection to access the information on a portable device, i.e. smartphone with GPS.

Allowing a vector dataset download will allow opensource developers to create mapping products that can be stored on tablets, smartphones and GPS receivers, enhancing access to the data for end users (by not requiring a mobile connection for a realtime feed from, and therefore enhancing access opportunities to the public access areas, which is the overall goal.

Response from
New Zealand Walking Access Commission

Dataset submitted

 Hi all, I am writing to update the position of this request.

In July 2013, the Public Access Areas layer has been made available as a ESRI webservice which can be accessed here:

Feature Service:

Map Service:


In terms of supplying this dataset through online data platforms such as and/or LDS. We are more than happy to take this service up when it becomes available.  


In the meantime, if you would like a supply of the Public Access Areas data, please contact and a timestamped copy can be supplied to you.




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