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Couses of Infant mortality rate

Dataset that can help me to investigate factors that affect infant mortality rates .Factors such as maternal prenatal health, prenatal care accessibility, infant birth weight, gestation length, neonatal care quality, feeding practices, vaccination rates, socioeconomic status, and environmental factors. CVS format would be prefered.

The reason why infants die in thier first year.

Findings will inform targeted interventions, healthcare policies, and community initiatives to reduce infant mortality rates and improve health outcomes for mothers and children.

Response from
Ministry of Health

Dataset submitted

Hello. Thank you for your enquiry. The Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Review Committee publish data annually on the topics you are interested in. You can find their latest review online here: Te Whatu Ora | Health NZ also publish information on infant and fetal mortality online here: You can download the data in CSV format from this web tool. Many thanks, Health NZ.

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