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Request for Comprehensive Fire Incident Data in Buildings (1990-Present)

I am writing to formally request access to a comprehensive dataset detailing fire incidents in buildings, both commercial and residential, from the year 1990 to the present. This dataset is crucial for a study aimed at analyzing and comparing the impact of fire events to seismic events, specifically focusing on structural damage, insurance claims, and insurer payouts. The specific data requested includes: 1- Annual number of emergency calls made to fire services for building fires. 2- Annual fire occurrences in commercial and residential buildings. 3- Levels of structural damage caused by these fires. (direct/indirect) 4- Number of insurance claims filed as a result of these incidents. 5- Total payouts made by insurers for such events. 6- Details on building fire events that coincided with the main earthquakes in New Zealand, notably the Canterbury earthquake series and the Kaikoura earthquake. (or any other similar data) The intention behind this request is to facilitate a detailed comparison between the structural damage and financial costs incurred from seismic versus fire events. This analysis is aimed at enhancing the efficiency of both governmental and insurance sectors in prioritizing and managing their tasks more effectively. Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to your positive response and am available for any further information or clarification needed.

I believe that the Ministry of Emergency Management, or the equivalent government body responsible for disaster response and management, would be the most appropriate source for this information. Additionally, non-governmental organizations focused on building safety, disaster preparedness, and insurance regulation could significantly benefit from and contribute to the utilization of this data.

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