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COVID-19 Hospitalisations and Deaths by vaccination status and age, plus person view vaccinations

Data on a weekly basis for person view COVID-19 vaccinations (for each dose), hospitalisations for COVID-19 by age and vaccination status, and deaths by age and vaccination status where COVID-19 is the underlying cause or a contributory cause. Please provide these data weekly. If possible, provide a downloadable spreadsheet giving these data for the last 6 months.

Some of this data used to be available, as a matter of course, but data on COVID-19 and vaccinations has progressively narrowed. It is now impossible to accurately assess the effectiveness of vaccines for COVID-19, based on the published data. Earlier last year, it was clear, from the data that, overall, the best defence against hospitalisation from COVID-19 was to get the primary course of vaccinations. Getting a booster, reduced the protection, overall, to the level of the unvaccinated. With the data we have now, this still appears to be the case but person view vaccination data is only available for booster doses, not for the primary course, and only hospitalisation data by vaccination status is available. There is no death data by vaccination status, except death within 28 days of testing positive, which is only a rough guide. There is no reasonable age group data for COVID-19 vaccinations, hospitalisations or deaths by vaccination status.

Consequently, the only thing we can say with publicly available data is that getting a booster is not a good move. But it is highly probable that there are age-related nuances to this conclusion but this can only be determined with better data, which I'm sure is languishing somewhere in the Ministry of Health.

This will show that there is nothing to hide concerning vaccinations and it is likely to show that boosters are important for some age groups. Not providing this data leaves us only with incomplete data which suggests a different story to the one we are given officially.

Allowing full analysis of COVID-19 outcomes by age and vaccination status.

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