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School Zones

The MOE School Zones outline the enrolment zones for schools in New Zealand.

- Being able to use the data to mash up with other datasets to create compelling data visualisations.

- Allowing more people to view the zones and report issues with the data (The zone file has lots of small errors in it)

- Reducing the reliance on which is often offline and is a very old and unfriendly website to use.

Third parties could build better tools on top of the existing data exposing it to more users. This is especially relevant to property websites.

The dataset is currently tightly controlled by a third party commercial provider and we would like to see this managed by the MOE more closely. The dataset is also updated every week by MOE but only released every three months. Also when this data has been OIA requested the data is out of date immediately ( and this is not a good thing as people may rely on old data to make decisions.

Having this data as a free, open dataset would allow sites to keep up-to-date versions easily accessible by their users.

Response from
Ministry of Education

Investigating options

I have recently assumed responsibility for this area in the Ministry of Education.  Due to staff departures, I don't have all the information I need to be able to respond to this query at this time.  I should be able to provide a response by 20 May.

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  • Lewis

    Other useful sources of data, for anyone searching for it, are:

    Data source:
    Cheap GIS system that can come with schools data:
    online system with schools data:
    free online system with school zones but nothing else:

    Hope that helps :)