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Change to mandated data standards

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The process for selecting mandated data standards (previously called Data Content Requirements, or DCRs) has been updated and approved by the Information Group (Public Service leaders).

Information Group

The process

We have published information about the new process, the mandated data standards, and how you can engage on This will also be presented at the next Data and Digital Standards Community of Practice event.

Mandated data standards
The process for selecting and mandating data standards
Register of mandated data standards

The new process focuses on working with agencies to support implementation - to help them meet the data standards. This process is also about mandating standards - not a technical review of the base standards that are being mandated.

What are the topics currently being proposed?

The Information Group (IG) also decided the five topics which should be priority for making a mandated standard for the system, these are:

  • gender and sex
  • ethnicity
  • Iwi affiliation
  • Māori descent
  • Māori business.

What's next?

Work will begin by identifying appropriate existing standards for each topic. Following this, work will evaluate if those standards are fit to be mandated immediately or need to be edited for our context first.

How can you engage with the process?

We collaborate across government to design, develop and implement mandated standards. During this process, there are many opportunities for you to engage. We recommend:

  • joining the Data and Digital Standards CoP - email the CoP to sign up
  • checking for updates and announcements
  • for Public Service Departments or Departmental Agency employees, talk to your IRC contact.

To join the Data and Digital Standards Community of Practice, contact

Contact us

If you’d like more information, have a question, or want to provide feedback on this page, email

Content last reviewed 22 April 2021.

Photo by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash