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Meeting agendas - Data Ethics Advisory Group

The Data Ethics Advisory Group meets 4 times a year in Wellington.

Meeting agenda - 11 September 2019, 11:00am - 4:00pm


Advisory Group: Professor Juliet Gerrard (Chair), Dr Amohia Boulton, Dr Ang Jury, Dr Nessa Lynch, Dr Will Koning, Kate O’Connor, Professor Colin Simpson

Guest expert: Liz MacPherson, Government Chief Data Steward

Item presenter: Robert Chiu, Head of Data, Data Ventures

Stats NZ secretariat: Sabena Blackhall, Dale Elvy


  1. Welcome
    Welcome and introductions from the Chair, Government Chief Data Steward, and Group members.

  2. Discussion of Draft Group Processes
    All documents for the Group are presently considered draft. In this session we want to hear members' views on how the Group will work in practice and its priorities for engagement.
    (Note: Group documents and membership will be reviewed annually.)

  3. Declaration of conflicts of interest
    Declaration of conflicts of interest relating to upcoming agenda items.

  4. Discussion of item: Population Density Project Pilot
    Working with the major mobile providers, Data Ventures has created Population Density that displays population estimates by hour and suburb, using aggregated mobile location estimates data. In this session, you will be able to discuss the item with the Stats NZ representative to have your questions answered and understanding of the issues improved.
    Lead agency: Stats NZ

  5. Group discussion of Item
    The Group will now have the opportunity to reflect on the issues the item has presented and discuss ideas. In the name of free and frank discussion, the agency representative will not be present for this part of the session.

  6. Priorities and other business
    Priorities for the next meeting and any other business.

  7. Close
    Conclusion and thanks to attendees.

Summary of meeting discussions

Guidance from Data Ethics Advisory Group