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Data Ethics Advisory Group

Data can produce meaningful insights about us and our communities, to inform decision-making, improve services, and drive innovation.

The Government Chief Data Steward (GCDS) has convened a Data Ethics Advisory Group (Group) to help maximise the opportunities and benefits from new and emerging uses of data, while responsibly managing potential risk and harms.

The Group will enable government agencies to test ideas, policy, and proposals related to new and emerging uses of data.

It will also provide advice on trends, issues, areas of concern, and areas for innovation it becomes aware of.

Government Chief Data Steward 

About the group

After an expression of interest process, the GCDS has appointed seven expert members, including the Chair, representing the following areas:

  • privacy and human rights law
  • ethics
  • innovative data use and data analytics
  • Te Ao Māori
  • technology
  • public policy and government interests in the use of data.

The Group will meet 4 times a year in Wellington. The first meeting was held on 11 September 2019.

Its function and membership will be reviewed after 12 months.

Data Ethics Advisory Group members

Meeting agendas

Meeting summaries

Guidance from Data Ethics Advisory Group


The Algorithm assessment report (published in October 2018) recommended that consideration be given to ways in which agencies ensure human rights, privacy, and ethics are considered when developing algorithms, and that agencies embed a Te Ao Māori perspective, where appropriate.

The Group will assist agencies to meet those recommendations.

Algorithm assessment report

More information

Terms of reference - HTML

Terms of reference [PDF 170 KB]

Terms of membership - HTML

Terms of membership [PDF 143 KB]

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