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Stats NZ publishes a quarterly dashboard highlighting key deliverables for their data leadership role under the Government Chief Data Steward function.

Dashboard - December 2018 quarter (Q2 2018/19) - HTML

Dashboard - December 2018 quarter (Q2 2018/19) [PDF 1.28 MB]

Dashboard - September 2018 quarter (Q1 2018/19) [PDF 1.27 MB]

Dashboard - June 2018 quarter (Q4 2017/18) [PDF 1.42 MB]

Government Chief Data Steward


About the dashboard

The quarterly dashboard profiles key deliverables and how they contribute to the relevant visions of success:

  • innovation
  • data-driven decisions
  • valuable data.

The dashboard also documents the number of data-related engagements within and outside of government for each quarter, and captures the number of international connections that have occurred.


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More information about Stats NZ's data leadership role and initiatives is available on

Data leadership - Stats NZ


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