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The framework by category

The capabilities in their 7 possible categories (i.e., capabilities get repeated across the categories as applicable). Each of these categories relates to a stage in the data lifecycle, as seen in the diagram below. This view is useful if you want to focus in on a particular category to assess an individual or a team.


The processes and resources are mapped out for the lifecycle of the data. The project’s goals are stated, and a full data management plan is created.

Data is gathered or generated by the individuals/ organisation wanting to use it.

The data is accurately described using the appropriate metadata standards.

The data is stored in a digital repository, is made secure and reusable. This often very quickly follows collection.

The data is analysed (that is, explored and interpreted).

The data is used for the purpose for which it was collected or generated, and reused for additional value.

Save or Destroy
Actions are taken to safeguard the long-term viability and availability of the data.