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This page lays out the reasons behind the refreshed Government System Strategy and Roadmap for Aotearoa NZ. It provides background context for the development of the refreshed strategy and roadmap and previous versions of the Government Data Strategy and Roadmap.

Why are we refreshing?

The first Data Strategy and Roadmap was published more than three years ago. Agencies worked hard to realise the ambitions of that strategy, which were:

  • making the right data available
  • building capability and good practice
  • growing effective partnerships
  • implementing open and transparent practices.

However, the data landscape is rapidly changing. Since the first Data Strategy and Roadmap was published, agencies have been working on a 10-year Data Investment Plan. Stats NZ and the Data Iwi Leaders Group have signed the Mana Ōrite Relationship Agreement to realise iwi data aspirations. A range of initiatives have been developed to increase trust in the data system, including the Data Protection and Use Policy and the Algorithm Charter for Aotearoa NZ. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the context in which data is collected, managed, and used.

What are the problems?

Despite the progress made since 2018, there are some fundamental system issues to be resolved:

  • data about and for some important topics and communities does not exist
  • settings to realise the rights and interests of Māori and iwi do not exist
  • many agencies lack capability to take advantage of the power of data
  • it is difficult to retrieve and re-use data across the system.

Throughout the process of refreshing the strategy, key stakeholders have participated in workshops and interviews. These stakeholders came from central government, local government, private businesses and non-government organisations (NGO's). They have tested the Government Strategy and Roadmap's direction to ensure it is future-focused, robust, practical, and able to be adapted to different data sources and uses.

Where can I find the previous Data Strategy and Roadmap?

Aotearoa NZ Data Strategy 2018

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Content last reviewed September 17 2021.