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Video transcript: Paul Stone - open data

Hi, I work on New Zealand’s open data programme.

Open data is data that anyone can use and share.

It’s about people. It’s about land, natural resources, infrastructure, hazards and much more.

We support agencies to proactively release open data that is non-personal and unclassified. This means privacy is protected before data is released.

We work closely with data users to understand what data they want access to, and why. This also raises awareness of the growing data asset at their disposal.

Open data drives innovation. It supports strategic investment, creates new jobs, new industries, and economic growth.

New Zealand has signed up to the international Open Data Charter, which reinforces the government’s expectations on agencies to proactively release data. This increases transparency and builds trust.

How will we know when we’re successful? … when agencies routinely release data as a natural by-product of delivering services to New Zealanders, enabling smarter solutions now, and into the future.