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Video transcript: Luis Carrasqueiro - Data consulting and Pacific programme

Kia ora.

I am helping deliver consulting services that enable organisations to increase their data capability and know-how by brokering access to specialist knowledge here at Stats NZ and beyond.

Our pilot with Environment Canterbury resulted in a data strategy which they can use to inform their work programme.

We worked with the Ministry for Culture and Heritage to develop a draft set of cultural indicators. This will help them understand who’s accessing government-funded cultural activities and who’s missing out.

We’re also proud to manage and deliver a technical assistance and training programme for statisticians in the Pacific.

In less than a year our trainers have travelled more than 100,000 kilometres to coach and support Pacific statisticians.

In addition, we support a number of these Pacific statisticians to spend five weeks in New Zealand each year to improve and upskill their statistical capability. It’s also a great way to build networks and lasting relationships.

We also work with international organisations with close ties to the Pacific to ensure that we have a co-ordinated and effective approach to training in the region.

Ka kite anō. Kōrero mai ākuanei.