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Video transcript: Kevin Sweeney - new approach to data governance

Kia ora. I'm helping to establish a new approach to data governance, one that changes the way we think about and implement it within government.

Effective data stewardship depends on good data governance (the way data is overseen and managed), across all levels of an organisation.

Traditional data governance approaches haven’t been able to keep pace with the increasing volume and importance of data, in many cases lacking the flexibility to enable government to fully leverage the data it holds.

We’ve partnered across government to design a new operational Data Governance Framework – one that’s closely aligned with operational business needs – where accountability for data sits with all staff who handle it.

The framework is built on two main components: enabling agencies to cultivate a thorough knowledge of their data and helping them exercise proper care of that data.

In support of this, we’ve created a model for mapping data flow, and identified a set of capabilities that agencies can use to establish data accountability.

When implemented, the framework can help promote consistently good practice data management, strengthen data integrity, and build trust.