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Video transcript: Jocelyn Morrison and Scott Kaiser - Data stewardship framework

[Scott] Oh, hello there. I’m Scott.

[Jocelyn] Kia ora, I’m Jocelyn.

[Jocelyn] We’re developing a data stewardship framework to enable government to better manage and safely access New Zealand’s data.

[Jocelyn] This framework will describe what's needed to steward data well, and it contributes to the Open Government Partnership's National Action Plan by increasing visibility of data practices for government-held data.

[Jocelyn] In developing the framework we’re working with government agencies and data practitioners – in other words, the people who collect, manage, and use New Zealand’s data.

[Scott] The framework includes who the Government Chief Data Steward partners with to enable greater data use. While most of these people are within government, we also work with key groups outside of government.

[Scott] It also describes the multiple levels and the many players involved in the collection, management, and use of data.

[Scott] The framework will be implemented through the data stewardship toolkit and will use the data strategy and roadmap to help align key pieces of work.