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Video series: leading New Zealand's data

Welcome to this series of short, plain English videos designed to help raise awareness of how Stats NZ is leading New Zealand's data.

Hosted by the people leading the work, the videos explain what Stats NZ is doing, and who we're working with, to support and empower government agencies to manage and use data more effectively.

Stewarding New Zealand's data

Liz MacPherson

New Zealand's former Government Chief Data Steward and Government Statistician Liz MacPherson sets the scene by clarifying her different roles. She explains the importance of partnering with Māori, and's role as the starting place for data conversations in New Zealand.

Government Chief Data Steward

Government Statistician 

Liz's video transcript - HTML 

Open data programme

Paul Stone

Open data is data anyone can use and share. Leading New Zealand's open government data programme, Paul talks about how Stats NZ is supporting agencies to release open data, and what that data can be used for.

Open government data programme

Paul Stone's video transcript - HTML 

Partnering with Māori

Paul Clarke

Paul talks about how Stats NZ is partnering with iwi leaders and officials to support more effective Māori Crown relationships. He also discusses the Te Ao Māori perspective being applied to the Integrated Data Infrastructure, administered by Stats NZ.

Integrated Data Infrastructure

Paul Clarke's video transcript - HTML 

Legislative review

Megan Anderson 

The Statistics Act 1975 is more than 40 years old. Megan explains how new data and statistics legislation will better reflect the world we live in today.

Statistics legislation - public consultation

Megan's video transcript - HTML 

New approach to data governance

Kevin Sweeney 

To be effective, data stewardship depends on good governance (the way data is overseen and managed). Kevin talks us through a new co-designed operational Data Governance Framework - one that can keep pace with the increasing volume and importance of data.

Kevin's video transcript - HTML

Data content standards

Becky Collett 

Data standards create a consistent way for government agencies to describe and record New Zealand's information. Becky explains why standards are needed and how agencies are partnering to identify and prioritise the standards to be developed.

Register of data content requirements

Becky's video transcript - HTML

Data strategy and roadmap

Charlie Russell

The data strategy and roadmap provides a shared direction and plan for the people and organisations that collect, manage, and use data in New Zealand. Charlie talks us through how it was developed and its four focus areas.

Data strategy and roadmap

Charlie's video transcript - HTML

Data consultancy and Pacific programme

Luis Carrasqueiro

Delivering consulting services that help enable organisations to increase their data know-how is the major focus for this team. Luis and his team also provide technical assistance to statisticians in the Pacific.

Luis' video transcript - HTML

Data stewardship framework

Jocelyn Morrison and Scott Kaiser

The data stewardship framework enables government to better manage and safely access New Zealand's data. Jocelyn and Scott explain why we have the framework, who helped develop it, and how it will be implemented.

Jocelyn and Scott's video transcript - HTML

Reviewing government use of algorithms

Dale Elvy

Algorithms can inform decisions that directly impact us but we're often unaware of them. Following publication of the algorithm assessment report, Dale explains the work being done to support government agencies to be more transparent and accountable in their use of algorithms.

Algorithm assessment report

Dale's video transcript - HTML

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