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While the Centre doesn’t provide ethics training courses, there are several data ethics courses targeting various analytical functions. These can be both established courses or created just for your agency.

Some of the training options include:

  • UC Online Micro-credential in Data Ethics
    This is a foundational course that gives you the knowledge to identify and respond to ethical issues that arise when dealing with data. The course runs over nine weeks with a one-week study break in the middle of the term.
  • Data Ethics in the Public Services Sector run by the University of Auckland
    This programme is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of public sector agencies. This course is a six-week online programme with weekly sessions.
  • Waikato University is currently developing a course. Watch this space!
  • Wellington, University of Victoria is currently developing a course. Watch this space!

If a course isn’t for you and you would like us to come and talk to you or your team about data ethics and how it may be relevant to analytical or research projects, please email our team.