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Mandated Standards Implementation and Review Committee

The IRC is a cross-agency group made up of public sector representative members. The IRC advises on whether a standard should be mandated for use by Public Service Departments and Departmental Agencies.

What is the Mandated Standards Implementation and Review Committee?

The Mandated Standards Implementation and Review Committee (IRC) provides advice on the mandating of statistical standards. The membership provides input from many perspectives across the public service of Aotearoa NZ. This lowers the risk of an agency hitting a major barrier when trying to implement a standard that has been mandated.

The purpose of the IRC is to provide a forum where voices from a wide range of agencies can be heard. This forum allows for challenges to be raised and navigated before a standard is mandated. It also allows agencies to prevent a standard from being mandated where there are significant challenges to the implementation of that standard.

Who can be involved?

Membership of the IRC should be senior officials who understand the way their agency collects data. Members need to be able to recommend standards for endorsement. They also need to be able to develop an implementation plan for their agency when a standard is mandated.

Core membership

Core members of the IRC will be from agencies that are required to implement the standards that are mandated.

Advisory membership

Advisory membership will be by invitation. The Information Group, StatsNZ and core members of the IRC will recommend advisory members on a case by case basis. Advisory membership will depend on the standard that is being considered as a candidate to be mandated.

How to find out more?

To learn more, you can read the Implementation and Review Committee's terms of reference. 

IRC's terms of reference

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Content last reviewed 21 July 2021.