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Data Ethics Advisory Group members

Currently, the Data Ethics Advisory Group contains the following members.

Dr Will Koning

Director of Data and Analytics for the Government and Public Sector practice at EY

Dr Koning helps the public sector safely and effectively harness the value of data; including enabling core delivery, data-driven performance improvement, internal digitisation/automation, customer empowerment, and data-driven value creation. His career has spanned working in consulting, data and information management, and technology companies. He has a PhD in the mathematical modelling of biological complexity from University College London.

Will Koning on LinkedIn

Kate O’Connor

Chair of the Northern B Health and Disability Ethics Committee

Ms O’Connor is a member of various working groups, including groups to develop the National Ethics Advisory Committee Ethical Standard for Research, the Ethical and Professional Standards for the Royal Society, and the development of the National Research Charter for New Zealand.

Kate O'Connor on LinkedIn

Professor Colin Simpson

Associate Dean of Research and Innovation, Faculty of Health at Victoria University of Wellington

Professor Simpson is a trained epidemiologist working in the field of population health sciences and medical informatics carrying out internationally recognised research to improve the health and wellbeing of patients and populations.

He is also a member of the Advisory Board for the UK Research and Surveillance Centre.

Colin Simpson on LinkedIn

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Content last reviewed: 14 March 2023