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Data Ethics Advisory Group members

Currently, the Data Ethics Advisory Group contains the following members.

Dr Will Koning

Director of Data Strategy at Xero

Dr Koning is a member of global forums: the I-Com Chief Analytics and Chief Data Officer Council and the I-Com Artificial Intelligence Council.

At Xero, Dr Koning is responsible for developing frameworks for the safe and effective use of data. He has a PhD in mathematical modelling and biological complexity from University College London.

Will Koning on LinkedIn

Kirikowhai Mikaere

Tuhourangi, Ngāti Whakaue

Ms Mikaere is a leading Māori data and information specialist focused on harnessing information to empower iwi, hapū, whānau, and community development. She is a consultant with over 17 years experience advising Ministers, government agencies, tribal, community, and private sector organisations with practical statistical analysis and innovative indigenous place-based data solutions.

With a bi-cultural education and upbringing, intensive technical training, and hands-on experience with diverse communities, Ms Mikaere brings a unique perspective to development opportunities. She is also the lead technical advisor to the Iwi (Tribal) Chairs Forum — Data Leadership Group, a member of the Kāhui Māori Group for the National Science Challenge: Science for Technological Innovation, and deputy chair of the Māori hauora (health and social service) provider Manaaki Ora Trust.

Kate O’Connor

Executive Manager of the AUT Ethics Committee

Ms O’Connor is a member of various working groups, including groups to develop the National Ethics Advisory Committee Ethical Standard for Research, the Ethical and Professional Standards for the Royal Society, and the development of the National Research Charter for New Zealand.

Kate O'Connor on LinkedIn

Professor Colin Simpson

Associate Dean of Research and Innovation, Faculty of Health at Victoria University of Wellington

Professor Simpson is a trained epidemiologist working in the field of population health sciences and medical informatics carrying out internationally recognised research to improve the health and wellbeing of patients and populations.

He is also a member of the Advisory Board for the UK Research and Surveillance Centre.

Colin Simpson on LinkedIn

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Content last reviewed: 19 August 2022