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Top 10 datasets

In June 2016, the Open Government Information & Data Programme conducted a nationwide survey asking people the top 10 datasets they would like to see released. There was a flurry of response and we received over 400 replies.

Here's a summary of the responses:

Here are the top 10 New Zealand requested datasets:

Below are files containing the results of the survey in multiple formats for your convenience.

Graph image of results

CSV file of results

PDF file of results

What's next?

During the 2016/17 year, the Open Data Programme will focus our resources on working with agencies to address the top 10 datasets identified by you, the voters. We acknowledge that this is only a starting point, but it will provide agencies with a valuable place to start. The requested data already has a proven high value because it is important to you, and therefore a high likelihood that it will be picked up and reused once it is released.

The team will be using the survey findings in working to get as many quality datasets relating to the top 10 list on the new website in the coming weeks.