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Open Government Data Dashboard

Open Government Data Dashboard - 2018

Below is an updated dashboard for 2018, based on the prototype put up for consultation. A new dashboard is currently being developed and will be published before the end of September.

Key Insight

A key insight from data of this years’ Open Data Maturity survey of agencies is a pleasing shift in the “investment and financial performance” focus area, which includes procurement practice and valuation of data.

  • Agencies tailoring contracts to allow for data to be released has shifted from 27% to 37%
  • Agencies considering a supplier's ability to return data requested in their procurement selection process has shifted from 17% to 61%
  • 13% of agencies have moved to starting to develop a process to assign value to their datasets and record them as assets.

We attribute this to consistent messaging at every opportunity (conferences, forums, workshops and meetings) and through raising awareness through the Open Data Maturity Survey that:

  • “Open by design” starts with the procurement of services - we can’t release data if we don’t own it. Be mindful that there is data in all that we do, and of the potential for the data to be reused beyond its original purpose generating more value for New Zealanders.
  • Placing a value on a dataset better informs the decision in how to invest strategically in its management and care.

We would like to acknowledge the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment for the opportunity to present at one of their regular breakfast sessions for Government Procurement Professionals.

2018 Dashboard

Dashboard of progress (sourced from a survey of agencies)

 Spider diagram of focus areas (aggregated)

Blog including the prototype dashboard with 2017 survey results...