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Open government data dashboard prototype 2017

Tracking progress in opening up government held data.

“Government agencies will be knowledgeable about what data they should and should not publicly release and why, how to remove obstacles to reuse, and will be consistently applying these filters to their data holdings. This will increase the amount and quality of data released.”

(The ambition of Commitment 4 of NZ’s Open Government Partnership National Action Plan. )

In July 2017 we surveyed agencies to establish a benchmark for open data maturity, and to identify areas of focus for the Open Government Data Programme. The survey results help us understand and monitor how well agencies are progressing towards systematic and sustainable open data release – being open by design. This requires good data management and governance, privacy and risk assessment, use of open data formats and standards, and understanding the needs of data users.

About the survey

The survey questions were based on the Open Data Maturity Model developed by the Open Data Institute. The model is a tool that organisations can use to assess their strengths and weaknesses in publishing and consuming open data, and identify actions for improvement. In essence it is a tool to work towards good practice generally with data management, governance, use and release, but with an open data lens. Unlike the model, our survey was designed to give an indicative picture of where things are currently at, rather than conduct an in-depth assessment of agencies.

The dashboard prototype

This prototype dashboard presents the results of our survey, showing where government as a whole is at, and displaying key insights.

The aim of this prototype is to initiate discussion and feedback so that we can find out what this dashboard needs to include. We’ve deliberately kept it simple, which is why it’s currently in an image/PDF format. We’ll use your feedback to refine the design of the dashboard and create a more dynamic version that can be readily updated. The prototype follows...

Prototype Dashboard image

The Open Data Dashboard (PDF)

Spider diagram of results


Spider diagram summary (PDF)


In addition there is an infographic showing key insights that can inform the open data action plan: Key Insights Infographic (PDF)

We need your feedback to improve the dashboard

Tell us what you think...

  • Did you find this dashboard useful?
  • Is it easy to understand where progress needs to be made?
  • What else would you like to see measured in future?
  • What additional information would you find useful?

Tell us by joining in the discussion on Loomio.....

OR if you would prefer not to provide your feedback in public, you can email it directly to us at 

We will keep the discussion open until 20 October 2017, to give some time for people to consider and for word to get around.



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