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Open Data Charter

Open data is a core component of our world’s increasing digital economy, providing opportunity to generate significant social and economic benefits to our society. Open data is a tool to drive open, transparent and accountable governments.

The potential of open data

Official public consultation on the Open Data Charter closed on 30 September 2016.

What's next?

The engagement summary report is available here: Engagement Summary - Open Data Charter (PDF)

The Open Government Data Programme (Stats NZ) is now using the input gathered through this engagement to inform the review of what principles will guide the release of and access to New Zealand open data as detailed in the Open Government Partnership National Action Plan 2016-2018. 

Commitment 3 under the Open Government Partnership has applied to change the last two milestone dates due to delays caused by the Open Government Data Programme moving from LINZ to Stats NZ and change in Ministers. The move was completed in March 2017, giving an opportunity for greater focus and pace in the foundation work needed to deliver on this commitment, including work on the potential to join the International Open Data Charter.

Further updates are recorded under the OGP Officials Group Minutes available here.

Events held

  1. Loomio discussions online
  2. Teleconference (15 September)
  3. Government Data Champions Workshop (21 September)
  4. Wellington Workshop (21 September)
  5. Auckland Workshop (22 September)

The core documents

Currently, NZ has the New Zealand Data & Information Management Principles  and recently, an international set of Open Data principles (International Open Data Charter) has been made available for countries to consider adopting.

A comparison document was originally released discussing the similarities and differences between the NZ Data and Information Management Principles and the Open Data Charter.

The wider discussions centred around the impacts we could expect if NZ adopts the Open Data Charter. We also discussed how principles around open information could co-exist and what might need to occur to implement this.

Read more about the consultation

Feedback & notes from the workshops

Open Data Charter Workshop