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GovHack 2016

The Department of Internal Affairs has sponsored $2,000 bounties for the each of the two following national challenge questions.

Candidate entries will be judged on how well they help the public and government policy makers to understand and draw insights on the problems and potential solutions.

1. How can we reduce the incidence of dog attacks? and/or How can we ensure that New Zealanders are excellent dog owners?

This is related to the upcoming public consultation on Reducing dog attacks
>>> Get dog related data

2. How can we better understand how councils are performing?

>>> Get local government related data

Further information about local government can be found at:

This is a ‘minimal viable product’ version of, and only currently has a limited number of datasets. We’re trying something new by using the open source CKAN platform for the beta site. This means we have a more powerful engine at our disposal – to deliver more and better quality open government data - but also means we have to learn how to get the most out of CKAN. We’re getting help from our counterparts in other governments, including having Pia Waugh work with us over the next few weeks.

Currently we’re focusing on getting automated harvesting working – to make it easier for government agencies to manage dataset listings. We’re also focused on lifting the quality of open government data delivery – more machine-readable data!

Rowan and Nadia from will be at the Wellington GovHack event if you want to talk to us about this beta.

Go to for a full listing of open government data.

Try out our API

Look for the green 'Data API' button in the top right hand corner of some of the better machine readable datasets on this beta.
Also see the CKAN API guide

JSON-formatted lists of datasets, groups or other CKAN objects:

JSON representation of a dataset, resource or other object:

Search for packages or resources matching a query:

Give us feedback about this beta

If you have any suggestions on how we could leverage the power of CKAN or any feedback then let us know, either through our feedback form or by email