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COVID-19 support and resources from the GCDS

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We have put together a page that links you to the information, data, and work being led, developed, or helped by the Government Chief Data Steward to support the data system’s COVID-19 response. The aim of the page is to connect you to the resources and information you need to respond in a prepared and co-ordinated manner alongside your peers in the data system. 

GCDS: COVID-19 data and information support 

For instance, we recently included some guidance written by Stats NZ to help you develop questionnaires on specific communities in Aotearoa NZ such as Māori, Pacific peoples, and disabled populations.  

Moving forward, we will update the page whenever new information, data, or work becomes available. These updates could come directly from the GCDS, but we welcome you to put forward your own contributions and we will ensure that the GCDS gets an opportunity to include those.  

Email your ideas and questions to 

Photo by Dimitri Houtteman on Unsplash


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