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Come along to the Open Data Meetups – Wellington and Dunedin

Akl Meetup2

About the Meetups:

Open Data Meetups in NZ are for sharing the passion and success around the release of open data with like-minded people. They are also a great opportunity to participate and have your say around government decision-making surrounding open data.

Following the success of Open Data Meetups in Auckland and Christchurch and after a huge amount of interest from other regions, the Open Data Programme is also leading Meetups in mid-June in both Wellington and Dunedin. If you’re interested in attending please register below:

Wellington Meetup – Thursday 7 June
Dunedin Meetup –Monday 18 June

What to expect:

These Meetups will set the scene of where the Open Data Programme are at with open data and discuss the following questions:

  • What does it take for data to be considered “open”?
  • Why try to make data open?
  • So, New Zealand has signed up to the International Open Data Charter, so what?
  • Why is this important?
  • What is the “Open Data Programme” doing?
  • What does it mean for me?
  • How can I or my organisation contribute?
  • What barriers that Governmental agencies have to overcome in order to open up their data

Networking and nibbles:

This is also a great opportunity to establish connections and grow your networks over some tasty pizza and refreshments. This will be hosted off the back of Data Visualisation Training in both regions (sorry no more places left in the training). For more information on future events, please sign-up to the Open Data Programme newsletter here.

Notable fact about Open Data Meetups:

100% of the people who attended recent Open Data Meetups (Auckland and Christchurch) found them helpful and have said they would recommend them to a friend.



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