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Fairness as the big opportunity for Aotearoa in AI

Aotearoa needs a powerful response to the rapid pace of change in artificial intelligence (AI). Read more from Nick Agar and Albert Bifet to see what they have to say about AI in Aotearoa.

By Nick Agar and Albert Bifet
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Algorithm Charter CoP: how mature are we?

At the fourth community of practice we were introduced to a maturity model we can apply to our mahi, challenged by a presentation on AI and prompted to review/use the recently-developed algorithm assessment tools in time for our next hui in June. 

By A Community of Practice member from New Zealand Police
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The Government Data Strategy and Roadmap

The refreshed Government Data Strategy and Roadmap was published by the Government Chief Data Steward in September 2021. It provides a shared direction and plan for the government data system of Aotearoa NZ.

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