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Related algorithm work

Algorithms play an increasingly common part in government processes in New Zealand and overseas.

The Government Chief Data Steward and Government Chief Digital Officer commissioned a report to assess existing algorithms and how they help inform decisions that directly impact people. The Algorithm assessment report was published in October 2018.

Government Chief Data Steward

Government Chief Digital Officer

Algorithm assessment report

Algorithms are the automatic decision-making processes used by computer programmes to identify patterns in data. They have an essential role in supporting the services government provides, and help deliver new, innovative and well-targeted policies for New Zealanders.

Key documents

These documents provide more information on the process used to produce the Algorithm assessment report.

  • Commissioning the work – Report: Review of Government algorithms
  • Agency submissions: Algorithm assessment agency submissions: June – July 2018

Report: Review of Government algorithms [PDF 749 KB]

Algorithm assessment agency submissions: June – July 2018 [PDF 1.68 MB]

Some documents contain redacted information under the following sections of the Official Information Act 1982:

  • 9(2)(a) to protect the privacy of natural persons.
  • 9(2)(f)(iv) to maintain the confidentiality of advice tendered by Ministers of the Crown and officials.

In preparing this information release, Stats NZ considered the public interest considerations in section 9(1) of the Official Information Act.

Official Information Act 1982

Other things happening in the algorithm space

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Forum NZ has published the Artificial intelligence: Shaping a future New Zealand report, that outlines opportunities and challenges for New Zealand to adopt AI.

AI Forum NZ

Artificial intelligence: shaping a future New Zealand [PDF 10.9 MB]

New Zealand leads the work by the Digital 7 (D7) group of digital nations (a network of the world’s most advanced digital nations), to ensure digital rights are at the heart of policy design globally.

D7 group of digital nations