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Open government data programme

  • Open Government Data Programme

    A cross-government programme to accelerate the release and reuse of open government data to maximise the value of that data.

  • New Zealand open data action plan

    The Action Plan took effect on 1 July 2017, following public consultation, and sets out goals and initiatives to 30 June 2020. It has been updated to include initiatives for implementing the principles of the international Open Data Charter.

  • Open data implementation plan – next six months to April 2019

    This implementation plan lists the tasks underway or planned for the next six months to implement the Open Data Action Plan. This is a rolling plan that will be regularly updated to reflect what we've learnt as we progress.

  • Background to the open data action plan

    The aim of the Open Data Action Plan is to develop an enabling open data environment and accelerate the release and reuse of open government data so that New Zealand is maximising the value of open government data.

  • Open data implementation plan progress report

    This is the first report-back and review of the Open Data Implementation Plan launched in March 2018 to support joining the International Open Data Charter.