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Video transcript: Charlie Russell - Data strategy and roadmap

Kia ora.

My team developed the New Zealand data strategy and roadmap.

Commissioned by the Government Chief Data Steward the strategy provides a shared direction and plan for New Zealand’s data system – that is the people and organisations that collect, manage, and use data in New Zealand.

Put simply, the strategy provides us all with a common North. It helps us to align our collective effort.

We developed the strategy through multiple rounds of consultation, involving stakeholders – primarily from central and local government – but also business, community organisations, and NGOs.

By using the strategy, organisations within and outside government will be able to connect data initiatives, work together, and align their efforts.

The strategy asks us to focus around four areas:

  • to invest in making the right data available at the right time
  • to grow data capability and support good practice
  • to build partnerships within and outside government, and
  • to implement open and transparent practices.

Using the strategy over the next five years, we’ll continue to work towards creating a data system that’s sustainable and responsive – a data system that benefits all of New Zealand.

Ka kite anō.