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Government Chief Data Steward
September 2018

Overview: New Zealand’s data strategy and roadmap – overview [PDF 6.2 MB]


The roadmap - through four focus areas - will enable organisations within and outside of government to connect data initiatives and work together, and align their efforts, to generate the maximum impact and value through data.


Focus area: Investing in making the right data available at the right time


  • Easy and efficient access to data.
  • The right data is available.
  • Data is consistent and high quality.


Future state / outcomes

New Zealanders are empowered to:

  • actively participate in decision-making
  • hold government to account
  • use data to improve their wellbeing.


Focus area: Growing data capability and support for good practice


  • Common standards and practices are consistently applied.
  • The skills to extract the maximum value.
  • Data is interoperable and linkable.


Future state / outcomes

New Zealanders are encouraged to:

  • collaborate to solve complex problems
  • push the boundaries of what’s possible with data through technology, interoperability, and common standards.


Focus area: Building partnerships within and outside government


  • Clearer roles for who governs and stewards data.
  • Partnerships to collaborate and innovate with data.
  • Embed Te Ao Māori across the data value chain.


Future state / outcomes

Organisations have the right data to:

  • provide intuitive, people-centric, and timely services
  • respond to unique needs and preferences
  • tailor and seamlessly deliver services.


Focus area: Implementing open and transparent practices


  • High levels of trust and confidence from the public.
  • Clear rules and protection mechanisms in place and consistently applied.


Future state / outcomes

Government can rely on data to:

  • tackle big issues facing New Zealand
  • inform evidence-based decision-making
  • evaluate and monitor progress.

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