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NZ Public Holidays API

A standard REST based API for retrieving official NZ public holidays in XML and JSON format. Would want at least 10 years historical and 5 years forward (or the current and next year at a minimum).

Having a trusted ( consistent, reliable and stable means of getting public holiday information for use in related NZ business operations, e.g. holiday pay, scheduling, etc.

Response from
Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment

Request received

As mentioned in the response, employment services keep a schedule of the current year holidays plus the next 3 years, including provincial anniversary days, to assist businesses to plan for their future staffing... The following site can provide holidays in NZ for any given year, including some non-anniversary dates. We do not duplicate information available in other sites.


  • Mike Nelson

    Yes please, this is fundamental data which should be provided in a machine readable format. Even just a year in advance would be useful for most purposes. As the data already exists on MBIE website, it would be very simple to make this available. It would take one person at MBIE about an hour per year to type it into a database. There is already an existing iCal feed system at MBIE (on the dol.govt domain), which would be perfect, the problem is this is simply not being updated.

  • Ben

    Hi team,

    This would really help in pulling data automatically for systems that require it. Even for systems where vendors build this functionality in (for example, Outlook), it would be preferable to obtain from an authoritative source i.e. NZ Government.

    The current method is often manual updates each year or so - this works, but is prone to human error and creates a risk of oversight.

    Ideally the API would use the same data as (which is very helpful, but again, requires human intervention).

    Something similar to could work.

    Hope you can consider on this basis :)

    Thank you

  • Song Li

    These dates are critical to many application, e.g. Parking, consent compliance etc. Say we have 1000 businesses and local governments need this service, which costs $150/year, that is $150k per year. An option is to buy their service and make it free for any IP within NZ. Thanks.

  • Lachlan

    The link referenced in your response is a paid service. This should be public information without a subscription fee.

  • Udit Shah

    An api for public holidays is much needed with options to choose region based holidays.
    It will be great if it comes from govt to make it more reliable.
    Thank you