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Files, images, and videos

Some of the information published here on contains original PDF print publications, supporting CSVs, images, and videos. We follow rules and guidelines to ensure that these uploads are easy for you to understand and use. 

Files names

When we upload any files to, we make sure the filenames of the documents:

  • are unique
  • are descriptive, but as short as possible – under 28 characters, ideally
  • don’t use words like 'of', 'and', 'at', etc
  • have dates (even if only month and year)
  • are lower case
  • use hyphens instead of spaces, underscores, and any other punctuation
  • use the same construction for similar or related files.

For example: 

  • 'algorithm-assessment-report-oct-2018.pdf'
  • 'people-attending-open-data-day-wellington-2017.jpg'

For all images, graphs and diagrams, we make sure that there is descriptive text (alt text) explaining the image, as part of accessibility best practice.

Accessibility standards in Aotearoa

For videos, we make sure there is a transcript of the video contained on the same webpage, both on and external websites such as YouTube.

Document contents

We make sure any documents we upload, such as PDFs, contain contact information and a date within the document itself.

Contact us

If you’d like more information, have a question, or want to provide feedback, email

Content last reviewed 21 October 2020.